Design Features



The single-seat MiG-35 and two-seat MiG-35D are multi-purpose “4++” generation fighters representing further refinement of the MiG-29K/KUB and MiG-29M/M2 warplanes aimed at higher combat effectiveness and versatility, as well as better operating performance.

Main highlights of the MiG-35/MiG-35D:

  • Integration of fifth-generation information-and-targeting systems in avionics equipment sets;
  • The capability of using advanced aircraft weapons from Russian and foreign manufacturers;
  • Increased combat survivability achieved through the implementation of on-board defense systems.

State-of-the art avionics combined with advanced weaponry make MiG-35/MiG-35D fighters suitable for a wide range of missions, including:

  • Air superiority in engagement with fourth- and fifth-generation fighters;
  • Interception of existing and emerging air-assault weapons;
  • Precision attacks on ground and surface targets without entering air defense areas, in daylight and at night, in any weather;
  • Aerial reconnaissance using electro-optical and radio equipment;
  • Participation in group actions and functioning as an air group airborne command post.

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