Board of Directors
General Director
Обработка персональных данных

JSC "AeroComposit-Ulyanovsk "

AO "AeroComposit-Ulyanovsk"

Joint-Stock Company "AeroComposit-Ulyanovsk "
Abbreviated company name: AO "AeroComposit-Ulyanovsk"
Legal form of business organization: Joint-Stock Company, closely held

Address: Antonova Prospekt 1, Zavolzhsky District, Ulyanovsk 432072  Russia

Telephone: +7(8422)-59-06-00; fax: +7(8422)-59-06-01 
E-mail: info@aerocomposit.ru

Top management:
General Director – Solodkov, Yury V.
Chairman of the Board of Directors – Gaydanskiy, Anatoly I.

Area of activity: Production of composite structural elements for air-borne vehicles. Specializing in manufacturing of primary composite structures installed in the aircraft wing, using the vacuum infusion method.

Current projects: Participates in the advanced Russian project of building a composite wing for the short/medium range MC-21 civil transport aircraft.

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