Board of Directors
General Director
Заместители Генерального директора

JSC Sukhoi Civil Aircraft

Joint-Stock Company Sukhoi Civil Aircraft

Short name: OJSC SCA 

Legal status: Joint Stock Company 

Address: 26, Leninskaya Sloboda Street, Moscow, Russia 115280, Russian Federation

For correspondence: 26, Leninskaya Sloboda Street, Moscow, Russia 115280, Russian Federation  

Phones: +7 (495) 727-19-88, 941-74-39, 941-74-35, 941-72-41, 941-72-45 

Fax: +7 (495) 946-05-40 

E-mail: info@scac.ru; marketing@scac.ru 

Website: http://www.scac.ru/; http://sukhoi.superjet100.com/


President - Rubtsov Alexander 

Chairman of the Board of Directors - Alyoshin Boris Sergeevich

Type of activity:

Marketing activities on Russian and international markets;

Research, experiment, design and construction and market entry operations for civil aircraft;

Flight testing of developmental prototypes of pilot batches and production batches of aircraft, equipment, repair and maintenance tools

International cooperation activities

Current projects:

As of today, the main project at OJSC SCA is the project of the family of Russian regional jets Sukhoi Superject 100 (SSJ), with the seating capacity of 95.

Information as of 01/23/2015

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