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PJSC Scientific and Production Corporation "Irkut"

PJSC Scientific and Production Corporation "Irkut"

Full name: Public Joint-Stock Company Scientific and Production Corporation "Irkut"

Short name: PJSC Irkut Corporation

Address: Bld.1, 68 Leningradsky Av., Moscow, 125315, Russian Federation

Tel.:/Fax: +7 (495) 777-21-01

E-mail: inbox@irkut.com

Website: http://www.irkut.com/

Top Management:

General Director – Andrey Boginsky.

Chairman of the Board of Directors – Yury Borisovich Slyusar.

Sphere of Activity:

Irkut Corporation is a integrated holding that brought together leading Russian manufacturers and designers of aircraft, who are working to achieve the following goals:

• Design and manufacturing of civil airliners;

• Manufacturing of military aircraft;

• Development and modernization of aircraft and helicopter avionics;

• Post-sales support for aircraft, including supply of spare parts, warranty and post-warranty technical servicing and repair, training of service staff, etc.

Current Projects:

  • MC-21 short-and-medium range passenger aircraft;

  • Superjet 100 regional aircraft;

  • Su-30MK / Su-30SM, Su-30KN family multi-purpose fighters

  • Yak-130 operational trainer;

  • Manufacturing of aviation items for foreign customers.


• Irkutsk Aviation Plant (IAP);

• Regional Aircraft (Moscow);

• Integration Center (Moscow);

• Voronezh branch;

• Ulyanovsk branch.

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