Design Features
Cabin layout
Aircraft performance


Development: Irkut Corporation, Design Bureau named after A. Yakovlev
The design phase: Prototyping

The MC-21 is a next-generation family of passenger airplanes geared towards the most massive segment of the global airline market. MC-21-300 (160-211 seats) and MC-21-200 (130-176 seats) airplanes are currently being developed under the design and production program. The use of advanced engineering concepts in the fields of aerodynamics and engine production, installation of the latest aircraft systems and implementation of new solutions to achieve a higher level of passenger comfort give these airplanes an edge over their rivals – both current and future.

Closely following the program’s implementation schedule, PJSC Irkut Corporation plans to complete initial airplanes for testing and launch deliveries within the timeframes set in the respective delivery contracts.

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