History of creation
Design Features
Aircraft performance


Development: PJSC Tupolev
Maiden flight: 2010

The mid-range airliner Tu-204SM represents the further evolution of the Tu-204/Tu-214 family. The Tu-204SM is a deeply-modernized version of the Tu-204 using new PS-90A2 engines with better service life and reliability performance, with a two-member crew,  and with upgraded or new, modern equipment.

The airplane meets Russian and international flight safety requirements, including the newly-introduced ICAO and Eurocontrol requirements, as well as the ETOPS-120. In its performance, the Tu-204SM matches its modern foreign counterparts.

The Tu-204SM airplane surpasses older versions of the Tu-204 family of airplanes in terms of flight and navigation performance and meets current international standards of efficiency, comfort, and maintainability, including the noise standards prescribed by ICAO Chapter 4.

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