History of creation
Design Features
The scheme of the suspension arms
Aircraft performance


Development: Sukhoi Design Bureau
Maiden flight: 1987

The Su-33 (Su-27K) is a single-seat multi-purpose shipborne-decking fighter airplane with horizontal takeoff and horizontal landing capability, complete with folding wing and tail plane for hangar storage.

The Su-33 is intended for naval air superiority missions, the air defense and missile defense of a ship group, the destruction of any aerial, sea-surface and ground targets with missiles and bombs, as well as supporting the combat operations of other fleet air force units such as shipborne, missile-carrying, anti-submarine, radar surveillance, and other aircraft.

The Su-33 can also perform containment functions prior to engagement and maintaining an operational environment in the near and far maritime zones, which makes any aggression from the sea impractical or extremely difficult. The tactical operating range of the Su-33 is 1,200 km. The fighter is capable of barraging a designated area performing air defense and missile defense missions 500 kilometers away from its carrier over more than two hours. The use of a Su-33 leads to a one-and-a-half-fold to double increase in the strike capabilities of operational units in initial naval operations at a distance of 1,500-2,000 kilometers from the shore.

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