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Procurement system of PJSC «UAC» is intended to meet all the requirements of internal customers and is based on the conceptual approaches to effectiveness of procurement procedures in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.

Procurement procedures of PJSC «UAC» are regulated by Federal Law No. 223-FZ «On the Purchase of Goods, Works, Services for Individual Types of Legal Entities» dated July 18, 2011 and comply with the following requirements:

  • information transparency;
  • equality, justice, non-discrimination and unjustified restrictions on competition in relation to the participants of the procurement procedure;
  • targeted and cost-effective expenditure of funds for the purchase of goods, works and services (including, if necessary, life-cycle cost of the purchased products) and implementation of measures aimed at reducing the customer’s costs;
  • there is no limit for admission to the procurement by establishing immeasurable requirements for the participants of procurement procedure.

Social and economic responsibilities and improvement of the Corporation competitiveness have a great impact on building and developing the current cooperation with the suppliers. Our key features for effective procurement are partnership based on the application of innovative solutions of technical and technological nature, our suppliers’ commitment to improve the quality of supply, as well as cost-effectiveness of each solution being introduced. All these fields are necessary due to the demands of time, so their implementation is reflected in stable economic relations with suppliers of PJSC «UAC», in common goals, operating principles and achievements of the Russian aviation industry.

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