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Rules for Use of Website Materials and Limitation of Liability

1. These Rules shall determine the procedure and terms for the use of information, news and other materials posted on the website at www.uacrussia.ru (hereinafter referred to as the Website)

2. The Website owner is United Aircraft Corporation, Public Joint-Stock Company (hereinafter referred to as the Website Owner). The Website Owner shall have all exclusive rights to use the Website and exercise these rights at its discretion, freely modify and expand the array of information materials that form the Website, allow access to the Website or restrict such access, and exercise other rights in relation to the Website.

3. The Website Owner shall support the Website in order to post the information about its activities required to its shareholders and counterparties.

4. Any materials posted (published) on the Website shall be subject to copyright and protected in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.

5. The materials posted on the Website shall mean texts, graphic materials, photographs, video, audio and other materials (hereinafter referred to as the Website Materials), the exclusive rights to which shall belong to the Website Owner and other rightsholders, with the consent of which the materials are posted on Website.

6. These Rules shall apply to the following users: news agencies, electronic and print media, individuals and legal entities (hereinafter referred to as Users).

7. The use of materials posted on the Website shall be allowed only with the consent of the Management or Website Administration (in writing or in any other form). Free-of-charge use of materials shall be possible only in cases expressly provided for in the below Clauses hereof.

8. The use of the Materials shall mean reproduction, distribution, public display, broadcasting, communication by cable, translation, processing, publication and other methods of use provided for by the applicable legislation of the Russian Federation.

9. Website Users shall have the right to freely familiarize themselves with the materials posted on the Website in the public domain. Access to the materials posted on the Website shall be provided free of charge, except as expressly agreed on the Website.

10. The free-of-charge use shall extend to:

Any materials from the Website may be used without written consent and free of charge, provided that the User is an individual, and such use is exclusively for personal purposes.

Any religious and charitable organizations, as well as any educational institutions may use any information materials from the Website free of charge only after obtaining a written permission (consent).

The news materials of the Website may be used by any Users without the written permission of the Administration and free of charge. The Users shall in each case of using news materials provide a link to the source and a hyperlink to the Website from which these materials have been borrowed.

Making any changes and/or addenda to the Website Materials, as well as any processing of the materials shall be prohibited

11. Other types of use:

Commercial use of the Website Materials shall be carried out on the grounds of agreements executed in writing.

The use of photo, graphic, video, audio and other materials posted on the Website and belonging to the Website Owner and other third parties shall be allowed only with the written consent of the Website Owner.

The Parties shall agree on the cost of using each specific material on a case by case basis.

If it is necessary to use the Website Materials belonging to third parties, the Users shall contact the rightsholders of such materials.

12. Obligations of Users when using the materials:

When using the Website Materials for any purpose other than personal, a link to the website shall be required:

- in print media or in other forms on physical carriers, Users shall indicate www.uacrussia.ru (https://www.uacrussia.ru/ru/) as the source in each case of using the materials.

- on the Internet or other forms of use in electronic form, Users shall place a hyperlink to www.uacrussia.ru (https://www.uacrussia.ru/ru/) in each case of using the materials.

The User shall place a link to the source or a hyperlink at the beginning of the text material used, as well as directly under the used audio, video, photo, and graphic material of the Publication. The font size of the link to the source or the hyperlink shall not be less than the font size of the text in which the materials of the Publication are used, or the font size of the User’s text accompanying the audio, video, photo and graphic materials of the platform.

Website Materials obtained from secondary sources may be used only with reference to these sources.

When using the Website Materials, processing of the original text shall be prohibited. The material may be abbreviated only if this does not lead to a distortion of its essence. In this case, Users shall be solely liable for the distortion of the materials’ essence.

When using informational and news materials on their websites and in RSS mailings, Users shall not indicate the time of release of information or news materials, which is identical to or earlier than the time of release thereof on the Website.

The Website reserves the right to amend these rules unilaterally at any time without notifying Users. Any amendments will be posted on the Website at https://www.uacrussia.ru/ru/. Such amendments shall become effective once published on the Website. This page contains the current version of the Rules.

13. The materials of the Website shall be provided “as is” without any guarantees or warranties, including guarantees of commercial suitability, and may contain technical inaccuracies and typos. The Website Owner may modify the Website Materials at any time without notice. The Website Owner shall make every effort to ensure that the Website Materials are as accurate, complete, reliable and relevant as possible (in cases where such Materials are dated by a certain date, the Website Owner has taken all reasonable measures to ensure the accuracy thereof as of that date). At the same time, the Website Owner may not guarantee the completeness, reliability and relevance of the Website Materials and shall not be liable for the consequences of using the Website Materials. Neither does the Website Owner assume an obligation to make any further corrections or changes to the Website Materials or bear any liability in that respect.

14. All statements, except for the actual statements regarding the past periods, posted on the Website, shall constitute statements regarding future results. Words such as “considers”, “anticipates”, “expects”, “assumes”, “intends” and “plans”, and other similar terms shall be used to refer to statements regarding future results, and shall not serve as an exclusive means of referring to the same. There is a risk that assumptions, forecasts, plans and other statements regarding future results might not be true. Forward-looking statements shall be relevant only as of the date on which they are made. The Website Owner shall assume no obligation to update or amend any of these statements, whether based on new information, future events or otherwise. The Website Owner makes no representations, warranties or assumptions that the results described in the statements regarding future events will be achieved. These statements regarding future results reflect in each case one of the numerous possible scenarios and shall not be considered as the most probable or standard scenario.

15. Information about the Website Owner, financial statements of the Website Owner, information about the Website Owner’s financial indicators shall be placed on the Website in order to increase the transparency of the Website Owner’s activities and to inform the shareholders and partners of the Website Owner about its activities. For this purpose, the Website Owner shall make every effort to ensure the maximum reliability and relevance of the information posted, however it shall not be liable for any possible inaccuracies in the information posted and delays in its updating. The Website Owner reserves the right to determine the composition and content of these materials, post, update and delete such information at its sole discretion.

16. The Website Owner shall not be liable for losses incurred by Website Users or third parties as a result of the use of the Website Materials.

17. The Website Owner shall not be liable for losses incurred by Website Users for reasons pertaining to technical failures of hardware and software, as well as for losses incurred as a result of actions of Website Users that clearly do not comply with the general rules of working with information on the Internet.

18. The advertiser shall be liable for the content of advertising materials, including texts, banners, etc., placed on the Website.

19. The Website Owner shall not be liable for the content of the websites to which hyperlinks are given, and for the use by a User of the materials posted there, information regarding the registration of copyright, and information available or obtained through external websites or resources, or other contacts of the User which they made using the information posted on the websites or links to external resources.

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