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Oleg Demchenko
Date of birth
13 October 1944, Kazakhstan
Oleg Demchenko graduated from the Kuibyshev Aviation Institute in 1968.
Work experience
Oleg Demchenko is President of Irkut Corporation (JSC). At the moment he occupies the post of General Director-General Designer of Yakovlev Design Bureau (JSC). He became a member of UAC Executive Board in 2006, when the two companies, led by him, became a part of the United Aircraft Corporation. In July of 2008 Mr. Demchenko, as President of the head executive enterprise for the MS-21 Programme, became UAC Vice-president for MS-21 Project. In June 2011 Mr. Demchenko was appointed UAC Senior Vice President.

Mr. Demchenko holds his current post in IRKUT Corporation since 2005, he is a member of Irkut Board of Directors since 2003 and was elected Chairman of the Board of Directors in 2004.

Mr. Demchenko is also General Director - General Designer of Yakovlev Design Bureau since 1994. Since 2003 he is heading the Bureau’s Board of Directors. In 1992-1994 he worked as a First Deputy General Designer of Yakovlev Design Bureau.

Prior to joining the Yakovlev Design Bureau in 1992, Mr. Demchenko worked at the Ministry of Aviation Industry of the USSR (1981-1992). During that period of time he sequentially held several responsible positions, including Main Directorate Chief and Member of Collegium of Minaviaprom.

Until 1981 he worked at the aero-engines enterprises, holding the positions from a Proficient to a Production Manager.
For his contribution to Russian Aircraft Industry development, Mr. Demchenko was awarded the Order of Merit for Country of the VI Degree, Order of Badge of Honor and a number of medals, including Gold Aviation Medal of Aviation Federation. Oleg Demchenko is an Academician of the Academy of Aviation and Aeronautics. He is married, has a son.
Additional information
Married, has two sons
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