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Continuous Corporate Training System

Continuous Corporate Training System

The purpose of the System is to ensure the needs of UAC’s enterprises in necessary of staff personnel qualification level in correspondence with current and prospective business demands.

The main objectives of the project are:

  • Introduction of uniform policies and procedures in training, retraining, education, assessment and staff turnover;
  • Creation of a unified system of knowledge management;
  • Forming and communication of a unified corporate culture;
  • Organization of training.

The key principles of UAC‘s Corporate University are:

  • Complexity of the whole training and staff development process;
  • Close ties with assessment, certification, staff turnover and personnel motivation programs;
  • UAC’s top management participation in methodological work and teaching.

The main activities of the UAC’s Corporate University will be:

  • Future generations of young specialists training program;
  • Industrial training and functional expertise development program;
  • Professional and administrative qualification increase program;
  • Corporate culture and personnel reserve development program.

The system of industrial professional standards will become the basis for professional training. Currently, first five aircraft construction specific professional standards have been developed:

  • Aircraft (A/C) design specialist;
  • A/C strength/durability specialist;
  • A/C mechanical systems, components and aggregates specialist;
  • A/C avionics specialist;
  • A/C after-sales service specialist.

These professional standards will pass approval and registration procedures of in the National Agency for qualifications development within the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RSPP).

According to the Agreement on cooperation between the RF Ministry of Education and Science and the RSPP approved professional standards will be accepted as the basis for development of third generation’ state educational standards.

Work continues currently to create professional standards in design and preparation of production automation processes, system of logistic support, projects and programs management in aircraft construction.

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