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Young Professionals Training in Profile Educational Institutions

UAC’s Human Resources Department has developed and is carrying-out a programme of audit of aerospace high and special schools with following specialties in their curriculum:

  • Aircraft and missile construction;
  • Aircraft and rocket-space heat engineering;
  • Aircraft instruments and measuring-computational complexes;
  • Automation of technological processes and productions (by industry);
  • Automated systems of information processing and control;
  • Computer complexes, systems and networks;
  • Aerohydrodynamics;
  • Dynamics and machines strength;
  • Flight dynamics and aircraft motion control;
  • Information systems and technologies;
  • Flight testing;
  • Design and production of products using composite materials;
  • Spacecraft and orbit transfer stages;
  • Ferrous and nonferrous metals foundry production;
  • Math modeling, numerical methods and program complexes;
  • Materials science and new materials technology;
  • Management of organization;
  • Metallurgical science and heat working of metals;
  • Metal-working machines and complexes;
  • Welding engineering metallurgy;
  • Mechatronics;
  • Modeling and organizational and technical systems operations research;
  • Welding engineering equipment and technology;
  • Pressure metal working;
  • Optical-electronic instruments and systems;
  • Attitude control, stabilization and navigation systems and instruments;
  • Applied mathematics and informatics;
  • Computation and automated systems software;
  • Design and technology of radio-electronic means;
  • Industrial electronics;
  • Radio engineering;
  • Radio-electronic systems;
  • Robots and robotic systems;
  • Aircraft and helicopter construction;
  • Automated research and development systems;
  • Aircraft life-support systems and equipment;
  • Aircraft control systems;
  • Thermophysics;
  • Aircraft electric and flight-navigation systems technical operation;
  • Aircraft and engines technical operation;
  • Machinery technology;
  • Management and informatics in technical systems;
  • Innovation management;
  • Quality management;
  • Enterprise economy and control (by industry);
  • Electronic machinery;
  • Aircraft electrical equipment;
  • Electrojet engines and power plants;
  • Power supply;
  • Electric power systems and networks.

This programme involves 78 institutions of higher professional education and 34 primary and secondary professional education institutions. The purpose of this work is to form a complex of professional education schools of all levels in training and retraining of specialists of different areas of design, development, support, testing and operation of aircraft.

Participation in the development of the federal state educational standards of profile specialties that employ the developed professional standards and industry competences is one of the basic directions of the cooperation of profile educational institutions and enterprises.

UAC’s representatives are included in host organizations of Educational and Methodological Association (MAI, MGTU) to work together on state educational standards and on training specialists for aircraft construction systems development.

In 2008 it is planned to implement joint projects on training and retraining of specialists for the industry within the framework of measures of existing federal special-purpose program measures.

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