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The key activities of the Corporation are development, construction, testing and maintenance support, as well as service support, of military and civil aircraft.

Public Joint Stock Company United Aircraft Corporation comprises some 30 companies representing Russia’s aviation manufacturing sector, including PJSC Company Sukhoi, PJSC Irkut Corporation, PJSC RAC MiG, PJSC Sukhoi Civil Aircraft, JSC OKB Imeni A.S. Yakovlev, PJSC Il, PJSC Tupolev, CJSC Aerocompozit, PJSC NAZ Sokol, JSC Aviastar-SP, PJSC VASO, PJSC TANTK Imeni G.M. Berieva.

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447,615,343,755 shares of principal and additional issues as of Yan 15, 2018
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RUB 0.86 per share of  principal  and additional issues
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CJSC MICEX Stock Exchange
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Third Level Listing/Innovation and Investment Market (IIM)
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MICEX Innovation Index, MOEX StateCo Index

Premiere demonstration of full sized mock-up of Russian-Chinese CR929 has taken place during Zhuhai airshow


United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) and Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China (COMAC) have presented full sized mock-up of CR929 (long-range wide-body aircraft) during the first day of China Airshow.


United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) and Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China (COMAC) have presented full sized mock-up of CR929 (long-range wide-body aircraft) during the first day of China Airshow.

Full sized mock-up is a concept of three-class LOPA: first class, business class and economy class, as well as CR929 flight deck. The mock-up is of 22 meters length, 6.5 meters height and 5.9 meters width. The cabin is equipped with 2 rows of first class, 3 rows of business class, 4 rows of economy class, including advanced entertainment system and distinctive interior decorations of Chinese and Russian style, integrating comfort and advancement. It also reflects the concept design of CR929 aircraft's cockpit. The mock-up makes it possible to showcase to the potential customers and future passengers the advantages of comfortable cabin in the economy class in comparison with same class aircraft. 

Flight crew and cabin crew will entirely enjoy the comfort of their working stations as well.

CR929-600 basic version in three-class layout will be capable to carry 280 passengers at a distance of 12.000 km. Aircraft family will include a modification with stretched fuselage (CR929–700) and cut fuselage (CR929–500).

 “Cooperation between Russia and China in the long-range wide-body aircraft program is an extraordinary example of collaboration in the international aircraft industry. Competitiveness at the highly-developed global market of commercial aviation, especially in the most recourse-intensive and complicated segment of wide-body aircraft, demands integration of efforts, resources and strengths of each partner. It is subject to economics, technologies, experience and human capital assets. Our companies, UAC and COMAC, lead the way in such strong cooperation within CR929 Program”, stated the President of UAC Mr. Y. Slyusar during the premiere demonstration of CR929 mock-up in Zhuhai.

CR929 Chief Designer from the Russian side Mr. Maxim Litvinov in his turn reminded that CR929 Program is now at the stage of design definition and selection of main systems and equipment suppliers. This stage is expected to be completed till the end of 2019. In the result, the final configuration of the aircraft will be defined. He also highlighted that as agreed with COMAC the Engineering Center for development of long-range wide-body aircraft is going to be located in Russia.

A year ago in Shanghai CRAIC (China-Russia Commercial Aircraft International Corp. Ltd.), a joint venture of UAC and COMAC, has been founded. The JV exercises a function of CR929 Program Operator. The spheres of JV’s activity include production, sales, aftersales, marketing, business planning and program management. Final assembly of CR929 aircraft shall be in Shanghai as well.⁠

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