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A New Fighter Aircraft – the MiG-35 Presented to the President of the Russian Federation

Today during a video conference a report on the beginning of the flight tests of the new multirole MiG-35 fighter aircraft was submitted to the President of Russian Federation. Vladimir Putin congratulated designers, engineers, workers and pilots who took part in the process of aircraft production and testing on this important occasion.

«I do expect that our army shall be considerably enhanced by this aircraft – I mean our Defence and Space Forces. But this aircraft also has strong export potential, I mean, over 30 countries actively operate another aircraft – the MiG-29, and a solid infrastructure was set up in these countries to support this fighter, and there are trained specialists there.  It is feasible that the industry and everything linked with operating the aircraft - all should be ready to offer our potential partners maximum required services in the modern world to support this equipment», - said Vladimir Putin.

Russian Federation Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, RF Trade and Industry Minister Denis Manturov and RF Minister of Defence Sergey Shoigu also watched the demonstration test flight. The new aircraft was presented to the Head of State by the PJSC UAC President Mr. Yury Slyusar, UAC General Designer-Vice President for Innovations Mr. Sergey Korotkov and RAC MiG Chief test pilot Michael Belyaev, who took the aircraft to the air at the production site of the RAC “MiG” in Lukhovitsy (Moscow region).

Yury Slyusar reported to the President of Russian Federation that the new MiG-35 fighter was designed specially to perform combat activities in areas of high intensity conflicts, in high density air defences.  Strong performance is achieved due to new defence suite, new opto-location station and reduced radar cross section signature.

Test pilot Michael Belyaev reported that the flight was performed to demonstrate MiG-35 stability, controllability and maneuverability features.  All the systems worked normally, crew positively evaluated aircraft.

In his turn UAC General Designer Mr Sergey Korotkov underlined that the RAC “MiG” was able to design a new multifunctional system integrated with armaments and installed on board MiG-35 aircraft. Together with other systems a 4++ generation complex was designed. Mr Korotkov also expressed hope for a future contract with the MoD of the Russian Federation, and high interest of foreign customers.

In the course of a video conference Vladimir Putin also pointed out that production of a commercial aircraft has been planned in the RAC “MiG” production sites. This aircraft will be flying on domestic routes.

UAC President informed that here, in Lukhovitsy, on the basis of the RAC “MiG” production site the IL-114-300 regional turboprop aircraft assembly is being set up. «Decisions that were taken during the meeting in your office half a year ago are being implemented, the budgeting provided to the PJSC UAC has been distributed between the companies-executors (RAC “MiG” and “Ilyushin”).  Along with that the design bureau is preparing the documentation to be handed over to the plant.  The same facility that will be used for MiG-35 assembly will be used to make 12 IL-114 per year. This will allow us to harmonize the Corporation’s product portfolio and fulfill our strategic targets - to increase the share of commercial aircraft in our revenues up to 45 per cent by 2025”, said Mr. Slyusar in conclusion.



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